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The truth is... it's hard to be the change when you cannot see the change.




That cheese plate, that 4th glass of pinot, your swollen stomach, your family’s chronic pain, that unexpected medical bill all have a way hindering your visions of going dairy-free, gluten-free, alcohol-lite and making it back to the yoga class that made you feel like enlightened jello.  

The goal is to start in the crevice of change. That tiny place between all-or-nothing. 

Our lives are a collection of tiny changes woven together to make a pattern.  Every action has a reaction.  Every step a ripple. 

When you start small you go BIG.

At Highly Nourished Jen believes that the stories we tell ourselves are the ones we live, so changing the foods we eat are secondary to all other aspects of what feed us: relationships, career, spirituality, and exercise.   

Because... So often that which feed us turns out to be the very thing that eats us.



Meet Jen



I’ve been there…

I’ve laid awake at night praying for relief from physical pain and life in general.  I’ve spent many hours worried about what comes next while stewing over all the ways my illness and conditions invaded my shot at happiness.

Autopilot was once my default mode.

At this age I’ve experienced just enough to realize that life is really a collection of patterns.  Once I began witnessing my own patterns, I began the process of changing my story.  I took notice of what I was calling in and began learning how to write something new.  It started simply with my diet.

I want you to feel the love, joy and health that waits for you on the other side of where you are now. I would love the opportunity to guide you and support you on that journey. I would love the opportunity to introduce you to the magic that comes when you are highly nourished.  Because...


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. - Wayne Dyer

Standing for your highest health,


Jen King is a Health + Medical Cannabis Coach and founder of Highly Nourished, a holistic wellness practice concentrating on healing patients from the inside out. Jen works closely with each patient in order to reframe the idea of nutrition into purposeful eating using food as medicine.  Her training is based in the principles of bio-individuality and biochemical individuality. Both refer to the unique nutritional and life needs each person has based on their genetics, lifestyle and environmental exposure to various stresses.  Jen works with each patient helping to integrate a tailored sequence of cleansing and detoxing in efforts to relieve chronic illness, inflammation and pain.

Jen has been trained in the complexities of the cannabis plant receiving her level 2 Interpening certification thru the TriChrome Institute. She acts as a patient consultant as well as in-house holistic health expert at New Age Care medical cannabis dispensary. There she works with patients looking to expand their new found medicated relief into whole health awareness, taking cannabis therapy into deeper layers of healing.

From single sessions that focus on a narrow and targeted subject, to a customized six-month program offering a more in-depth and sustainable transformation, Jen offers one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to each individual client, meeting them wherever they are in their health journey.  She works with those looking to manage the symptoms that are currently managing them.  Jen often serves as a liaison between clients and doctors to empower patients with the correct terminology to communicate with their health care team, offering greater opportunity for healing and recovery.

Jen has been an amazing investment for myself and my family. I am a mother to 4 children, 3 of whom are on the autism spectrum. For so many years I had been focused on taking care of my family and forgot about myself. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, living with pain and exhausted. Jen has helped take control of my overall health as well as my family's. With her guidance I'm learning to find the connections between food and my mental and physical well being as well as my families. I am extremely grateful to have Jen in our lives, the knowledge she has shared with us is of immeasurable value.

-Sarah Douglas