Forget Forgetting Vitamins

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Raise your hand if you have been guilty of buying all the right vitamins and supplements with the best intentions but have found them collecting dust on your counter, your refrigerator, and in your cabinet. Every now and then you will notice one of the bottles and think, “I should probably take that, it’s been awhile.”  You know your body feels good when you take your daily vitamins, so why is it so darn hard to remember them every day?

Here are some tips on creating consistency:

  1. Acknowledge their importance. When you believe your supplements are just optional and see them as an “extra” in your day, you will treat them as such. By shifting into the belief that each supplement is truly and deeply important for supporting your health and healing, the task will more likely become a “non-negotiable” and an important part of your health maintenance.

  2. Get a pill organizer. Yes, just like grandma. There is no shame in being organized with you self-care. Pill sorters can help you keep track of what you take and when you take it. Every Sunday, take 10 minutes to portion out and sort what you will need for the week. You can even use two separate organizers, one for day and and one for evening. I like recommending this brand for those who take a handful of pills every day.

  3. Let technology work for you. If you are like 99% of the population, your phone is attached to your hip. Why not use its brain to help yours? Set an alarm - or multiple alarms - in your phone to act as a reminder. There are also apps dedicated to helping you remember, like the one designed to be paired with the Sagely pillbox mentioned above.

  4. Make it obvious. Review your daily rituals. What do you do every day without fail?  One of the first things I do each morning is walk into the kitchen and prepare my morning smoothie. By placing my pill box right next to my blender, I see it first thing and remember to take my pills as I enjoy my daily green drink. Before long, the habit is now a part of my morning ritual. What do you do every day? Set the pillbox near your coffee maker or next to your laptop. Piggy-back onto whatever action is already easy for you.

  5. Engage your brain’s reward center. I use a tracking app with my coaching clients that easily record and count various diet and lifestyle habits in order to identify which habits are strong and which need extra love & attention. The app also serves as a way to communicate with me and allows me to help keep them on track when they start to slip. After all, accountability is a very powerful tool. The feedback from using a tracking app is that this feature actually offers a feeling of satisfaction each time they hit their mark. Satisfaction supports repetition. Doesn’t matter if the daily goal is to remember to take your vitamins or to drink enough water each day, reward + accountability helps to achieve it.

Here's some good news: Science tells us it takes about two months for a new behavior to become automatic — 66 days to be exact.  That’s not long at all!  Just two months to create lasting change. You can do it!




Jen King