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Health starts with where you are now, not where you want to be.




We would all like to start with our glasses full of lemon water and green smoothies.  Our bowls full of kale and quinoa. Our heart full of flax seeds and olive oil.  Our head full kumbaya and namaste.  



Discover Highly Nourished


But nobody… starts at the finish line.




As it turns out, doing the research on what is exactly in all the powdery smelling plugins adorning your vacant outlets, preparing a meal before you are caught between starvation and Taco Bell and committing to a solid 8 hours is a TALL order when consistently drenched in chronic pain, belly bloat and a headache that has no expiration date.  The tug-of-war between your ever-expanding to-do list and taking care of the loved ones who need you, has you spread so thin that considering anything beyond life’s immediate hurdle feels indulgent.  

Life is big.  It’s hard to find space for change when you don’t know where to start.  

How you feel RIGHT NOW matters.  It determines your next move, which then determines the move after that.  



How to get Highly Nourished



You see...

When you start managing symptoms, they stop managing you.



Highly Nourished:  Health + Medical Cannabis coaching that meets you where you are right NOW, so you begin to redirect your health into the story you want, not the story you have.


Straight from the horse's mouth... 




When I started working with Jen King in 2015 I had no idea what to expect. The title Holistic Health Coach was very new to me  at the time. All I knew was that I was struggling mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, socially... I wanted to make forward progress but I kept going in circles and finding myself falling back into the same destructive thought processes. I was battling some debilitating chronic health issues that modern medicine alone couldn't address. Despite eating healthy, using natural products, doing yoga, using essential oils.... I was still struggling. I did so much research and got myself on the right path, but it wasn't enough. I felt so sick and honestly I'd never felt so lost.

After working with Jen for 6 months, I now have a new understanding of health and happiness and how to achieve both.  I have a much better idea of the foods my body wants and doesn't want. I am grounded, happy, positive, focused.... I allow myself to gravitate towards what serves me while letting go of what doesn't serve me. I have been able to bring my positive energy and healthy lifestyle to my friends and family and the children and families I work with. I feel fulfilled, I feel calm, I feel happy. And physically I'm feeling soooo much better!

With Jen's help I was able to get my health issues under control. 7 months ago I was struggling with excruciatingly painful bowel inflammation, chronic bladder infections, tendinitis in my neck and wrist, an ovarian cyst the size of my ovary, extreme seasonal allergies, and stress/anxiety. Last month my cyst went away naturally on its own with no complications! Yay! I haven't had a bladder infection since June 2015. My neck and wrist feel so much better that I've been able to revisit yoga poses that I had been avoiding for years. I haven't had a bowel flare up in 3 months, which is a record-breaker. My seasonal allergies are pretty much gone....and my stress and anxiety are under control! These results are resonating to all aspects of my life... my financial, spiritual, and social health have improved as well!

Jen isn't a doctor or a magician or a therapist, she's a Holistic Health Coach. She has the expertise to provide YOU with the tools and information needed to help you identify your goals and create a plan to help you reach those goals and find your health, your peace of mind, your balance. Life is too short to be unhealthy or unhappy.... way too short! Jen King came into my life at the perfect time... the universe brought us together and I am forever grateful!

If anyone has any questions, I am happy to speak with you about my experience

Danielle Conley

I have been coaching with Jen for several months.  And my whole world has changed, opened up and broadened in the most wonderful ways.  Jen sees the big picture for people and holds such a bright light that you can’t help but be led to your own astounding truths.  She has a strong,  yet caring way about her which supports you and yet at the same time holds you to a really high standard of excellence.  She won’t let you undermine yourself because she is such a fully present and compassionate mirror.  Her coaching has truly infused my life with purpose and excitement and drive!  She has inspired me and we have uncovered things that I know will aide me for the rest of my life.  I cherish her coaching and use it in so many aspects of my life: my diet, my relationships, my life goals and just honoring my own contributions.  I can’t thank her enough.  I feel so blessed I found her. 

Renee Holland Chang