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Sometimes you just need to take the first step.



1 Month Package

$234 for 2 sessions.  60 minutes each.  

Receive guidance on your most throbbing issues. How can cannabis support my healing?  Why can I set my watch to my headaches?  Is going gluten-free the end all, be all?

Jen gives her take on your issues with her myriad of tools.  You are left with a direction + resources.  A list of actionable steps and a follow-up appointment to go over findings and establish a path:   Settle up. Clean up. Establish your next steps.

Now that you know about how your body works, what are you going to do?   



When doing what you’ve always done is getting you what you have always got, it’s time to reconsider your strategy.



3 Month Package

$657 for 6 sessions.  2 sessions per month.                              60 minute each. 

Get out of the stands and on the court.  Set a goal.  Create your game plan and start PLAYING.  

It’s time to finally...

Stop the dieting misery-go-round.dieting like Suzanne Somers. Get off the Tums, Motrin or Melatonin. Discover why you look seven months pregnant after every meal.  Start eating the foods that taste as good as they make you look and feel.  

Sessions are customized to YOUR goals and lifestyle.  Sessions build upon each other. The Magic happens in the follow-up.  When somebody else is holding you to your highest good, you get there. 

Receive magic mail that contains tools that are relevant to where you are on your journey.  May it be a water bottle, a recommended book, a vegetable steamer or a recipe for basil cashew pesto that will change your relationship with kale.  Jen meets you where you are and helps you find the next step forward.



Mission possible. Because you cannot build a strong house on weak foundation.



6 Month Package

$1,314 for 12 sessions.   60 minutes each.  Payment plans Available.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you.  This package is for those looking to create the change that isn’t change at all…it’s transformation.  

Recreate your story.

I have IBS, I have tried all of the drugs, stopped eating meat and gave an honest stab at meditation, but I am still at war with my midsection.  Every Sunday I utter the statement diet starts tomorrow and all I have to show for it are pants that leave a red line on my waistline.  I’m drowning in a sea of eat this-not that, while struggling to find the time to remember to drink just one glass of water - let alone eight!

Jen creates transformation through getting you to a better feeling place immediately. You can only start to see the possibility of change when you are in a place of possibility.   Sessions are customized to YOUR goals and lifestyle.  Sessions build upon each other. The Magic happens in the follow-up.  When somebody else is holding you to your highest good, you get there.  

Discovering that wellness and weight loss has nothing to do with willpower and white knuckles and so much more to do with freedom and fun, sets you up to shift sustainably into the person you always knew you could be.   



This Just In...



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You are not under any obligation to be the person you were minutes ago. Transformation is available when you decide it’s time to recreate the story you have to the story you want.  

Jen works with each client one-on-one to create a step-by-step path to wellness through dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

Individual coaching services are done via Skype, telephone or *in-person. Clients can extend their services at any time.

* in-person sessions are not always available as they are limited.

All services are scheduled in advance.  Schedules vary on what you need.   Intensive every week or bi-weekly, but the commitment is made up front.  

In quite the literal sense, Jen King has extended my life in this physical body and I am forever grateful. Jen has become one of the most important teachers of my lifetime. Her consistent guidance and ever-evolving wisdom as my health and lifestyle coach has allowed me to initiate many beautiful transformations from the inside out, peeling back the layers to my soul.

Jen plugged into my square one moment over three years ago when I was ready to make a change in my lifestyle choices, and since then there has not been a single day where I have not yearned to push to expand my consciousness thanks to her. Juicing, detoxing, eating raw, cleansing, medicinal herbs and supplements, essential oils, healing crystals and spirituality have all been a part of the journey, and I’m really excited to see where the next three years takes us.

Implementing Jen’s teachings into my life has allowed me to excel in my career and become a better person, and I highly recommend a session with Jen to anyone considering alternate healing for any variety of reasons.

Heather Hogden